Do you want to be able to ride like this?

Never fear dropping your motorcycle again!


  • Do you drive around the block just so you don't have to make a U-turn?

  • Do you replace your boots before your tires because you're a foot dragger?

  • Do you make turns without leaning the motorcycle, keeping it straight up?

  • Do you know how to pick up your motorcycle?


You can learn how to control your motorcycle in a way you never thought you would be able to!  Many people think that a 800lb. motorcycle is too big for them, little do they know it is not. Riding is all about technique. In our 4 hour class we will cover our Motor Officer Style Training and turn you into a much better rider than you were when you pulled into our parking lot. You will leave this class having gained a lot more confidence in your riding skills and will also be a much safer rider. This is absolutely the best investment you will ever put into your motorcycle!  Go to the schedule tab above and sign up for a class today!

This class is for riders with experience,

not riders that are just starting out.